Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We are all heros!  (Or so they tell us.)  On Saturday, Erik, Ashley and I all went down to the stake center and gave blood.  Poor Ashley, I think she has my veins as they had a horrible time getting her blood drawn and ended up using both arms.  They ended up fishing a lot for mine too, but only had to stick me once.  Apparently I have scar tissue in my arms....probably from giving blood so much and them not being able to find my veins!!!  Ouch!!  Ashley and I both ended up with bruised arms, but we will still donate again.  Thank you United Blood Service for providing such a wonderful service to our community!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And more decorations.........

My Handsome Honey!

Of course seeing my daughter get married only reminded me of the perfect day when I got married almost 22 years ago.  Where has the time gone?!

More Dancing!!

And our awesome DJ Ron!  He's always the life of the party!  Thanks Ron for a wonderful evening!!

A Grandma's Love

Tiffany with her two grandmas!  So glad they both could be there!!  I know both grandpas would have loved to have been there too!  We sure miss them but I know they both would be proud!!

My Cute Girls!

Daddy's Dance

Tiffany danced with her daddy to Butterfly Kisses.  I couldn't help but have tears stream down my face.  Erik is such a wonderful father and husband and I was so proud of Tiffany for being married in the temple.  I was a very proud mom! 

Tiffany Gets Married!

It's a boy!  We finally got a son - well, a son-in-law named Casey.  Tiffany was married on June 5th and she made such a beautiful bride!  We are so happy Casey is part of our family!
I have the best family and friends in the world who helped us decorate for the wedding.  It turned out beautiful and I was so thankful for their help!!  We dropped the ceiling, the first time we have ever done it, and it turned out great!