Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stake Achievement Day Activity 2011 - "Feast Upon...."

Let me start off by saying....I forgot my camera AGAIN so all of these pictures I stole from a good friend Shannon.  You would think by now I would remember to bring my camera.

Anyway, we had our stake achievement day activity on Saturday and the theme of the activity was "Feast Upon..."  When the girls arrived, they were asked to sign in by ward and given a name tag and also given an apron to wear throughout the activity.  They then went into the chapel for the opening exercises.  Pres. Anderson did an amazing job and really related well to the girls and tied the theme in perfectly.

The girls were then dismissed to go to their "courses".  There were 4 courses (classes):  one talked about how we were to feast unto the scriptures and they talked about how we should feast on the scriptures instead of just nibble on them.  They demonstrated that with a cookie - nibbling on a cookie or to devour the entire cookie.  Cute analogy.

The second class was the craft class taught by Sherri, Shannon and Michelle.  They taught the girls how to sew those cute rosette flowers that are popular now and had them glue them on to a clip for their hair or shirt.

The third class was a cooking class and they made chef hats as well as cake pops.  They loved this class too and they looked so cute wearing their chef hats around the building!

The fourth class was a dance class.  They all learned a dance that was taught by Liz and she was able to teach the girls the entire dance in 30 minutes....amazing.

After all of the classes were done, they met back in the cultural hall where they were served lunch and also all danced together the dance they had learned.  It was so awesome seeing all of them dance at one time.  It actually brought little tears to my eyes seeing them all so happy.  Once they finished that, we decided to turn the lights down low again so they could dance under the disco ball and they all cheered so loud and were so excited to dance under the disco ball.  The disco ball again was the hit of the party.  It's so fun!  We hung our white paper lanterns up this time too as well as the disco ball.  The girls had a great time and were very excited to be there.  They wanted to take everything home as souvenirs.  In fact, we caught some of the girls taking home my chair ties because they thought they were theirs too keep.  Cute girls and I'm so glad they had a great time!

Here are the sign-in tables.


Here are the invitations:

Here are the aprons that "WE" (wink wink) made.  I don't sew, so I had nothing to do with these.  They turned out darling, didn't they?!  Love them!

Here are the class signs:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farewell my friend!

My dear friend Lana Hollingsworth's funeral was held yesterday.  What a wonderful funeral service it was for her.  She was attacked by a black bear up in Pinetop and didn't survive the attack after being in the hospital and lots of surgeries over the past month.  The funeral service was beautiful - the talks and musical numbers were just perfect, exactly as Lana would have wanted it.  Even her husband Marv spoke at the end.  I don't know how he held up so well.  Such an awesome man.

Lana was a very giving person, always serving others.  I was asked to help set up the table at the viewing Monday evening along with a few other amazing sisters.  That was very difficult as I do not like viewings at all.  I just stayed in the other room with the decorations as it is just too painful to go see her.  I like to remember her with a big smile on her face and always volunteering to help every time we have a gig.  It was also my privilege to help with the luncheon for the family after the funeral.  Lana will be greatly missed.  I'm so glad we crossed paths and that I was able to learn so much from her.  Wonderful friend who will be missed greatly!  Until we meet again Lana.