Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Uncle Paul's 85th Birthday Party!

We celebrated Uncle Paul's 85th birthday party a couple of weeks ago at Kristin's house.  Since my dad died when I was young, my Uncle Paul has really stepped up and been an awesome grandpa to my girls.  He comes to everything, just as a grandpa would.  He even came to Lindsay opening up her mission call a few weeks ago.  It was fun seeing some of my cousins I haven't seen in probably 30 years.  Fun catching up on stories and just being together as a family.  Wish I would have inherited some of the Ellsworth's tall genes....my family seemed to miss that gene!  We did some redneck type activities and sure had fun!  We did a chicken chase, raced on wooden cows, had an outdoor movie and could play the wii, had a teepee, rode horses, had a BBQ, and had an awesome time.  Uncle Paul wore his cowboy outfit just like old times.  My mom and her family grew up on a farm so that's why we went with a cowboy themed party.  He loved it and I'm so glad so many people came!  Super fun day!  I love my family!!

My Ellsworth uncles - Paul, Ardel and Ernie.

 My cousin Brian and his wife Patsy with my aunt Marjorie.

 Some of our cousins!

 Erik caught a chicken! 

 Go Hailey!

Summer's Wedding

We decorated Summer's wedding a few weeks ago.  Her colors were pink and mint green and BLING!  Everything was blinged out!