Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Girls Day Out - Spa Day!

We decided to have an early Christmas present and go to the spa!  Since my mom is back in town, all of us girls decided to go get a pedicure.  When you first walk in, they have you pick out your color and mom picked out the same color she has worn since I can remember - a mauve, sort of pinkish color.  Well the girls were not having any of that boring stuff - they picked out a HOT PINK color for Grandma!  They also told them to bling her up and so they did!  Mom was a good sport about it and I think she secretly likes the color too!  ;o)  All of my girls and Kristin and her girls came with my mom.  SUPER FUN day!!  We need to make this an annual event!

Christmas Shopping!

Crazy girls!