Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Girls Day Out - Spa Day!

We decided to have an early Christmas present and go to the spa!  Since my mom is back in town, all of us girls decided to go get a pedicure.  When you first walk in, they have you pick out your color and mom picked out the same color she has worn since I can remember - a mauve, sort of pinkish color.  Well the girls were not having any of that boring stuff - they picked out a HOT PINK color for Grandma!  They also told them to bling her up and so they did!  Mom was a good sport about it and I think she secretly likes the color too!  ;o)  All of my girls and Kristin and her girls came with my mom.  SUPER FUN day!!  We need to make this an annual event!

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  1. First of all, I am so happy to have linked into your blog! It has been so much fun catching up. Did you start a catering business? I ALWAYS thought you should do that. You are so talented and look at those events you have been doing. Amazing. Plus, it looks like some familiar faces you are working with (makes me miss y'all even more). Secondly, you are a hottie! You look so cute. You obviously are not sampling your yummy culinary creations. It looks like you are all doing well. The girls are beauties and look like they are involved in neat things. I'm happy I get to check in on you now.