Thursday, February 10, 2011

Many Tears!

I got a call at 6:00 PM on Monday evening from my Phoenix district manager.  He told me that they were having layoffs at work, and that I no longer was going to be working for the Phoenix team that I have been working for for 18 years!  I couldn't believe it!  He also told me that I was not going to be working for the San Diego team I was covering either.  Instead, they are moving me to the mid-west and working for 6 district managers - 70 people.  I was sooooo upset!!  I cried all evening and all day Tuesday.  I LOVE my Phoenix district - I've been with them for so long they are like family!  They all called me crying and saying how unfair it was too and are going to call corporate and complain.  It won't do any good, they already made up their minds - they "need me" in the mid-west.  Whatever.  I was told, "I guess you should just be grateful you have a job."   It still stinks.  I replaced three people.  It's waaaay too much work for one person!  My job isn't fun any more.  Blah........ 

I need to find a nice part-time job.  Know of anything???  I think I'm ready for a change after 18 years.

Sorry for the depressing post!!

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