Monday, May 9, 2011

Puttin' on the Ritz!

On Saturday we had the Spring Formal (aka "Mormon Prom").  There ended up being 814 kids come with representatives from 21 different stakes in attendance.  Great turnout and everyone seemed to love the decorations.  We started at 6:00 AM and finished at 1:45 AM.  It was a long day but worth it as the kids had a great time and will have great memories of their prom.  Our stake is amazing and we had lots of people come and help.  In the beginning, I counted 40 people there helping set up.  I know Erik didn't sleep very much the night before as he was so stressed hoping the ceiling would work!  The disco ball was hung again and it looked awesome!  I think everyone knows that when our stake does something the disco ball is going to be there too now.  haha!  We had two old fashioned cars outside (though only one was photographed) and one Hummer as well.  Very fun evening and I'm so glad it turned out well!

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  1. Now I know who got blessed with all "my" creativity! Those decorations are amazing!