Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tempe Volvo Grand Opening!

We were asked to help out with Tempe Volvo's Grand opening yesterday and it was so fun!  They wanted a "lemonade stand" feel to it as they were having a charity event out front selling lemonade for cancer and we were inside the showroom with the food and tables.  The mayor and city council members were there too as well as a bunch of local magazines and local radio stations.  One of the radio stations (coyote - the jazz station) even asked for our name and number because she liked our work.  Two magazines also took our pictures and names and we will be in their magazine too!  Kristin, Sherri, Shannon & Michelle all helped with this one.  So glad I have such a great sister and friends!  I love working and spending time with them!  Of course I didn't bring my camera so I took these from my cell phone.  One of the professional photographers said they would email us pictures so as soon as I get those, I'll post them on here and get rid of these camera pictures!

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