Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun at the Diamondbacks Game!

We took the whole family out to watch the Diamondbacks play and it was so much fun!  We sat in the bleacher seats, and you would think they would be horrible seats because it is so far away from the batter, however, they were AWESOME and every time we go, we sit in the bleacher seats now.  You feel so much more part of the game sitting so close to the players, plus every time they hit a home run, you have the chance to catch the ball.  The game we were at, there were two home runs in our section, but we didn't get them.  It was Josh's first ever professional baseball game he went to.  He's sold....he loves it now.  So much better than watching it on TV!  The crowd really gets into it in the bleacher seats too.  VERY fun family activity!!  :-)

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