Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brandi gets married!

My cousin Del's daughter got married last night and we did a reception in her new husband's back yard.  They had a huge crowd and everything looked beautiful.  We got a big scare when it started to sprinkle pretty hard around 2:00.  We ended up taking everything down and then madly putting everything back up an hour or so later after we said a prayer asking for the rain to stop.  Prayers work, our prayers were answered.  I'm not sure I will ever do an outside wedding again, that is two back to back weekends where we had backyard weddings and both times we had weather issues and had to take everything down and set up again.  They sure are pretty but twice as much work.

Brandi had a black, white and hot pink wedding.  She looked gorgeous.  She wanted everything to have chandeliers so we did our best to not disappoint her.  We had them hanging everywhere - around the serving table, the welcome table, the cake table, and all around the yard.  Such a fun theme!

They showed pictures of them on this backdrop that we made for them.

Well hello Shannon!  I guess she wanted to be in my picture, huh?!!  Pictures of toppings for her ice cream.  We had all of the toppings in different sized jars with cute ribbons attached to them.  Turned out so cute!

Obviously this is before all of the food was set out.

We put the cupcakes on these new serving chandeliers we just got.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!

Seriously, is there anything cuter than this 3 tiered serving tray?  LOVE the jewels attached!  Love the bling!
All lit up at night, such a beautiful pink glow.  We had beautiful black organza table skirting too that was lit up as well but you couldn't see that as well from the picture.

And they lived happily ever after!


  1. I DO love those cupcake stands! They are adorable. Where in the world do you find something like that? I would never have thought to have a bright pink wedding but that looked gorgeous! Great job, as usual!

  2. I got the cupcake stands at my new favorite store, "Home Goods". LOVE that store!! It's owned by TJ Maxx. I think I could decorate my whole house with the things they have at that store! Decent prices too.