Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stake Youth Conference - USC

We had Stake Youth Conference today and we got to help out with the decorations for it.  We got to use our disco ball!!  How FUN is that?!!  The kids loved it and in fact, I think the leaders might have liked it just a little bit more than the kids even!  ;o)  Brought back a lot of memories from when we went to stake dances!  The theme of the conference was "USC" - University of Strong & Courage.  There were a ton of kids there - at least 300 kids.  It started at 7:00 am this morning and finished at 10:00 PM for the dance.  There will be a fireside tomorrow to end it all.  They did an amazing job planning it and you can tell that everyone was having a great time!  The decorations were for the dance and they served cookies & water.  Of course they wanted to eat our centerpieces - huge marshmallows, mints & oreo cookies!  Love the little disco balls having from the shephard hooks above the tables too as well as the small disco balls in our garland on the table.  So fun and they looked so cute!


  1. I wish I could draw and paint like the person who did Moroni. What a talent! Everything looked great!

  2. You just might be right about the leaders liking the disco ball more! Everything looked so beautiful and it was so much fun. Thanks!!! (PS, I went out and bought some of the those mini disco balls for my tree this week and I definitely plan on getting myself one of those silver 3-tiered serving trays with the crystals!!)

  3. Thanks Wendy & Cheryl! Yes Cheryl, I think you'll love those silver 3-tiered serving trays! I've already put them to use a lot!! You'll have to post pictures of your disco balls on your Christmas tree! :o)