Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Your "Purse"onal Day!

Last Saturday we had a "purse" party...your "purse"onal day for the stake achievement day girls.  We had quite a large turnout.  We filled all of the tables and we set up 23 tables!  Each of the tables were set up with a lamp, purse and jar filled with cute quotes.  The girls were so cute.  One little girl said as she walked in, "Oh this looks GLORIOUS!"  The other said, "I feel just like a princess!  I never want to go home!"  How sweet is that?!  These girls are 8-11 year old and had so much fun, especially since they saw the gym decorated.  It's fun spoiling them and making them feel special!  The entire room was pink, yellow and white everywhere.  For dessert we had adorable cupcakes that we had made and Karen Lee's daughter-in-law decorated.  We put them on brightly colored boxes, along with other items.  What a F-U-N day it was!! 

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