Saturday, June 11, 2011

No fun for Ashley!

Poor Ashley.  She was driving to a church event and picking up a girl from her ward and was in the neighborhood following a car when the car in front of her turned into the driveway.  She kept going straight and for whatever reason, the car that had pulled into the driveway decided to quickly put it into reverse and floored it hitting Ashley in the drivers side door.  She just got her estimate back from the other insurance company (the driver from the other car was a 17 year old punk kid with a potty mouth.)  Thank goodness Ashley and her friend were okay.  I wish I could download pictures from my camera.  Turns out my card reader isn't compatible with this computer!  She's getting her car fixed on Monday.  Because she is "under age", I get the rental car and she gets to drive the mini van.  Whoooo hooooo!!  Sometimes there are perks to being OLD!!

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