Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pretty scary for Lindsay!

Lindsay is up in Logan, Utah staying with my brother while she goes to EFY with her cousin Sammy.  She's having a great time and I'm so glad she got to go.  She texted me a couple of days ago saying that she wasn't feeling well and something wasn't right.  She said she was dizzy, couldn't spell, confused and wasn't remembering anything.  The next text she sent me (about 2 minutes later) she said she was going to the hospital.  Erik talked to her and he said she wasn't making any sense, talking, just not speaking in sentences that were understandable.  I immediately called my sister in law Carol to go down to the college to find out what was going on.  Carol then said that she didn't look very good, she wasn't making any sense and part of her face and her hands were numb.  Of course I was only thinking the worse - fearing a stroke or something like that.  They took her to the hospital and did some blood tests.  Turns out she had really low blood sugar.  Who knew?!  She has never had that before and she ate a good breakfast - toast and eggs.  They said she was okay and released her and just told her to carry granola bars or some type of snacks with her to eat throughout the day.  Yikes!  What a scary day for her and us!!

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